wing NOUN 1) a modified forelimb or other appendage enabling a bird, bat, insect, or other creature to fly. 2) a rigid horizontal structure projecting from both sides of an aircraft and supporting it in the air. 3) a part of a large building, especially one that projects from the main part. 4) a group within an organization having particular views or a particular function. 5) (the wings) the sides of a theatre stage out of view of the audience. 6) the part of a soccer, rugby, or hockey field close to the sidelines. 7) (also wing forward) an attacking player positioned near the sidelines. 8) Brit. a raised part of the body of a vehicle above the wheel. 9) an air force unit of several squadrons or groups. 10) Botany a thin appendage of a fruit or seed dispersed by the wind.
VERB 1) fly, or move quickly as if flying. 2) shoot so as to wound in the wing or arm. 3) (wing it) informal speak or act without preparation.
in the wings — Cf. ↑in the wings
on the wing — Cf. ↑on the wing
on a wing and a prayer — Cf. ↑on a wing and a prayer
spread (or stretch) one's wings — Cf. ↑stretch one's wings
take wing — Cf. ↑take wing
under one's wing — Cf. ↑under one's wing
DERIVATIVES winged adjective wingless adjective.
ORIGIN Old Norse; sense 3 of the verb was originally theatrical slang referring to the playing of a role without proper knowledge of the text (by relying on a prompter in the wings or by studying in the wings between scenes).

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